Abbotsford Collective Agreement

RELATED: Support employees vote to accept the Abbotsford School District`s final offer for a collective agreement The first details of the new collective agreement between the Abbotsford School District and its support staff have been published. The new contract runs for three years and expires in July 2022, two years less than the previous contract. According to a December 3 district staff report, it was agreed to increase wages by 2%, increase sick days and adapt the “work-banding” regime. The Teamsters Local 31 union, which represents more than 800 animators in the county, voted on November 25 after a six-time meeting with the county and an 83 percent negotiator in favor of accepting the district`s final offer. The union voted 95 per cent in favour of a strike on 17 October and rejected the district`s initial offer in September. RELATED: Abbotsford school support staff vote 95 percent for strike highlights include 2 percent pay inase, more sick days and a three-year contract term.