Delete Price Agreements

You can also select the line from the shared products and click on edit and click on “Select all trade agreements to delete” (not sure of the translation that my Ax is in English). Use the screen vendor`s pricing agreement to record all the package orders you have with your suppliers. A supplier price agreement is a contract or obligation for a supplier to sell certain items at a certain agreed price, usually for a set period of time. In some situations where client orders are placed indirectly, for example. B if you create a business-to-business credit or customer order, you can check whether the system automatically searches for appropriate distribution contracts. If you do not directly disclose customer orders for a sales contract, you can still bind a sales contract to an order during the order registration process. If you create a new sales order and select a sales contract, the terms of that agreement, for example. B the terms of payment, the delivery conditions and the delivery address, will be applied to the order head and the link between the agreement and the order will be established. If you can then choose from the order positions of the products and categories indicated in the sales contract, the prices and discounts of this agreement are copied. The same order can contain both lines that are not linked to a sales contract and lines containing an obligation for a sales contract.

“The price/discount agreement cannot be abolished as long as there are dependent price/discount journal positions. Remove dependent price/discount journal positions and try again. [Note!] In previous versions, sales contracts were called framework contracts. This topic contains information about sales contracts. A sales contract is a contract that obliges the customer to buy products in a certain quantity or for a certain amount over time, for special prices and discounts. However, as others have indicated, the problem is the exceeding of quantities and the lack of control of dates. I believe that when the next discovery is checked, it will choose the lowest, but if the prices are the same, he will choose the first one he finds. You can put them in the log and mark them as cleared and delete the log. To confirm that the trade agreement will be deleted, navigate to the Shared Product Details form (Product Information Management – > General Products > Shared Products) and select item 01. On the Execution tab in the Line Details information log on the Sales Agreements page, quantities and execution amounts are displayed. To confirm that the reserved agreement has been deleted, go to the “PriceDiscTable” table and search for the TA transaction according to the combination of supplier and item mentioned above, there should be no record. The concrete question is: How to delete a price agreement log already booked Note: A return order can only be linked to a sales contract.

If a customer returns multiple products ordered from multiple sales contracts, you must create a new return order for each product and create a link to the corresponding sales contract. Oh also, I don`t think you can erase a line that is not viable because of its end date. You can create a sales order directly from a distribution contract by using the unblock order operation. You can also choose a valid sales contract when receiving orders (see the “Apply sales contracts in the order process” section of this article). So you can`t delete a log, but you can delete a line from a trade agreement. It remains in the database, but is no longer available. You must delete the records in AOT because it is not possible to delete a reserved log as a functional user. You can update the price of service contracts by specifying a percentage of the price update. It`s a test system, I used it for testing purposes. The fact is that if I did something wrong, it seems like I don`t have a change to remove them.