Looks Like You Still Need To Sign The Ebay Billing Agreement

2. Don`t tell me I have to sign an agreement and I can`t find it. Have you been paid? Never heard of a billing agreement. Thanks for all the information. I know I posted most of the instructions you posted with my laptop with the Chrome browser. I printed two labels and paid for postage on eBay on both labels. I think I signed the agreement, because that`s what I did. But I`ll check out all the steps you mentioned and do another article on the results. Once again, thank you for all this information! I have to sign the colony so I can send me from home, I think, PayPal, to tinker with his complaints. I have to “pay” every time I print a label. I have a transaction contract that has been valid for years, and it is on track. Fortunately, it is possible to return to the classic website and use eBay shipping. Hope paypal stops ASAP! I have confirmed my billing contract several times and it still does not seem to register.

I give it a portable printer that I could take with me to make Ebay labels? I plan to make some trips and I want to run my Ebay, but I have no room for a full-size printer Has anyone received a solution from Ebay? Or stuck with your laptop/office to print labels? He is buried on the “PURCHASE AND PRINT USPS POSTAGE” page. All you need to do is log in to ebay on your desktop or laptop, go to “SELLING” and click the button to print a shipping label for the item in question. Once you arrive, look under the “PURCHASE POSTAGE” button. I decided to try the new ebay mobile app for Android because I couldn`t get the pdf shipping labels to download or print in the right size – so I used the new app to print a shipping label, and here`s what happened: If you need more payment information with PayPal, contact PayPal customer service. The steps to sign the billing agreement are: This way, you can “sign” the billing agreement. It doesn`t work from the mobile app. It can work from your mobile device, with the desktop site (below)… You can use your device`s browser to access eBay, just like an office.

Tap your device`s browser icon, tap the URL line (address), the type ebay.com/Enlarge the page, and tap Connection, pages.ebay.com/help/policies/user-agreement.html?rt=nc If the PayPal account isn`t enough, PayPal uses the funding source you`ve chosen for automatic payments PayPal. I am back on sale on eBay and I received a message when I closed my first sale to close the eBay billing contract. I don`t know where to find this to print shipping label. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance. Nannette The steps to sign the billing contract are: You can change your PayPal source of financing for eBay fees at any time.