Sample Share Farming Agreement

I do not think I would still be in agriculture without this arrangement. I need to be able to progress and work to have my own farm. Share Farming may seem like a simple agreement in which two farmers work together on the same land. But in reality, it`s a little more complex. The details of an equity farming contract fall within the competence of the parties, but often include the landowner, who provides agricultural land and buildings, solid equipment and machinery, greater building maintenance and expertise, while the working farmer provides labour, field and mobile machinery and his expertise, while other costs, such as seeds, fertilizers and animal feed, are shared. See also: Business Clinic: Share Farming vs Contract Farming “Some people were just desperate communicators. You have no chance in a share farming contract if you don`t move forward and share a common vision with the owner/operator,” he says. In 2009, I left the contract dye farming and had the opportunity to conclude a joint agricultural agreement with my parents. I advise people who deal with Share Farming to make sure they receive a thorough written approval without any grey areas and make sure the goals are equivalent to your partner. Part of the working capital in the form of a share of real inputs “This should not prevent anyone from trying sharing production. We could learn a lot from New Zealand`s attitude of being more enterprising and not being afraid to deviate from tradition. To get by, farmers have been looking for alternatives to make effective profits.

One of the most common alternative diets is Share Farming. That`s why you need a contract: a legal document that defines the agreement. This ensures that both parties are on the same side (and it can prevent disputes on the course). Do your homework. A sharing agreement is important and you need to know exactly what you`ve been getting into. We talked to the people who were farming before us, as well as our neighbours, to get the best idea of what lay ahead. Admittedly, it`s a risk, but you have to be willing to try it and try new things..