Student Financial Responsibility Agreement Northeastern University

SFRA must be accepted in order to continue to have access, as an active student in the Northeast, to higher education services, including class registration. These forms are documents that may be required to complete your application or update your student account. If you haven`t submitted all the documents we need, you can download them below and send them to our office. Please note that you may not need to submit any of these documents. This list is designed as a library of forms that may be required during the financial assistance and account resolution process. You do not need to fill out a form unless you have been asked to do so. SFRA is a mandatory agreement that defines financial obligations and responsibilities for participation at the University of Northeastern. All students must complete the SFRA via their myNortheastern student portal. Full payment of tuition, housing allowance and other related expenses is payable before the start of the period, as indicated in the original invoice. Late pay can lead to late fees, prevention of registration, prevention of grade release, prevention of participation in comprehensive study programs, or withdrawal from university. The SFRA must be completed at least once per academic year or if changes to the current agreement are mandatory. The information that you and/or your caregivers will provide to Student Financial Services as part of your application for admission to Northeastern University is used to assess your suitability for various federal, national, institutional and external assistance programs and may be passed on to these agencies to determine eligibility and/or provide financial advice and assistance to your family and/or family. As a student at Northeastern, we must be able to contact you about your academic and financial obligations and requirements.

The SFRA applies to any contact made about your financial obligations to the university. Once you are alumni, you can opt out of the subsequent communication by directly addressing the relevant services. Students enrolled at the Northeastern University Resource Centre can file a petition with the Centre for Study Adaptations directly related to their documented disability. Students below 12 hours of credit may be affected by the loss of full-time student status. For more information, visit the Disability Resource Centre. In the event of a student default, the student may be removed from the university and is responsible for the ongoing investigation, as well as all reasonable collection and legal fees incurred by the university during the collection process. Monthly interest charges may be incurred for accounts. Transcripts and other scientific documents are not disclosed until all financial obligations to the university have been met.

The answers are sent to the student`s husky email address. If there is a billing deviation, you pay the undisputed portion of the bill to avoid liability for late charges or payment of financial stops. You have a Title IV credit if your federal financial assistance exceeds your tuition, tuition and university accommodation and meal plans for a semester. More information. If you have a balance due to an overrepend from your student account, you can claim a refund of the balance. Refunds resulting from a revocation are granted on the basis of the official retraction date, as processed by the clerk`s office. More information. If you are a first-year undergraduate Day student, all requested documents must be submitted to the Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) of the College Board.