Travel Baseball Player Agreement

The baseball nation expects the best from coaches, players and parents. 12. I will take practices seriously as an opportunity to become the best player I can be. Exercise is my time to polish my tools while the game is my time to shine. 18. I understand my grades at school and behaviour at home and outside of baseball can affect my position on the team. Life has more to do than baseball. 7. I will manage to win with the class and lose with grace. The true character of a player manifests itself in the management of victory and loss with similar reflection and appreciation.

Without a contract, it is much more difficult to enforce your rules. And if things really get out of the way, you might need a written contract if he gets to the point of having to remove a player from your team. I don`t want these rules to scare me. These are rules I embrace to help me become a better player, a teammate and a better person. We, as parents (or legal guardians) and the player understand and accept that the player will dress as follows; (a) The jerseys must be cashed at all times as soon as you get out of the car and head towards the field; b) hats should be worn straight, not backwards or sideways; c) the pants should be pulled directly below the knee up or up to the shoe, but not under the shoe; (d) Players are responsible for their own uniforms, NOT THE PARENTS, so if a player misses a piece of his uniform, he will not play in that game. I understand that non-compliance with the dress code may result in the player not starting or playing in the next game. Discipline is forced to encourage players to take responsibility for the team and the baseball/CAW nation. Disciplinary action is defined by the Baseball Nation/TCA Management, age coordinators and coaches. Discipline depends on the age and rank of the players, the severity of the behaviour, the number of checks the player and the overall impact he will have on the team. The nation/TCA baseball staff is 100% dedicated to your child`s development.

We are interested in investing more than one season with each athlete and we will teach them the skills needed to continue through each level. Athletes will be able to perform any skill with consistency and confidence. Our goal is to provide young baseball players with an entertaining and safe environment in which they can play and grow in the game of baseball. We strive to place high school players in a university program that matches both their qualification level and their university level. Many of our players have moved on to college and/or professional baseball. Off Campus PE “Skool of Baseball” – Baseball Nation/TCA will host an OCPE program at TCA for classes 6-8.