Usb-If Logo Trademark License Agreement

If your company buys and resells under your company name products that are currently on the integrator`s list under your supplier`s name, it is possible to add these products to the integrator list without further testing under the name of your company. To do this, your supplier must submit online confirmation of the product identification form for your OEM agreement. Only the primary representative of the USB-IF provider can apply. Please note that a company must display the USB logo in relation to its products: the transmitter is notified when the agreement is executed by the USB-IF. On that date, your company will have access to the logo art files that will be published on this website. If a product from your company is added to the list of USB-IF integrators, the sender is informed of your company`s right to use the USB-IF logo corresponding with that product. Both requirements must be met before your company can use the logo in relation to your products. Please send the original license agreement signed with payment if applicable to the following address: USB-IF continues to advertise certified USB logos from retail buyers and PC OEMs. Don`t miss the opportunity! Now use certified USB logos on all USB products. NOTE: All companies wishing to use USB-IF logos on their product must have submitted a valid USB-IF license agreement with USB-IF and the product must be certified.

2. Become a USB-IF licensee for non-members. Logo licensees are allowed to use the USB logo in conjunction with products that pass USB-IF compliance tests. In addition, you must also acquire a lender ID if it has not previously been assigned to your business. The fee is $3,500 for a two-year term (this fee is given to USB-IF members). Click on the link to download the documents below to become a logo holder. To seize this opportunity, USB products must continue to improve the consumer experience through quality and ease of use. That`s why USB Implementers Forum, Inc. has introduced brand-protected logos for use with qualified products. To qualify for the right to display the certified USB logo associated with a product, the product must pass USB-IF compliance tests on product quality. The license agreement must be signed by a duly authorized representative of your company and sent to the USB Implementation Forum, Inc. to access logo art files and to have the right to use logos on products that pass USB-IF compliance tests.

For non-USB-IF members, a $3,500 logo administration fee is charged, to be submitted with the signed contract and a vendor ID form if your company does not yet have a VID. The fee is waived for USB-IF members. Please note that there are 3 areas of the agreement that need to be concluded.