Utility Deferred Payment Agreement

The Wisconsin Public Utilities Commission has detailed rules defining the factors to be considered in determining adequacy, the provisions to be included in a deferral payment agreement, the right of the utility to separate the link in the event of non-compliance with a deferred payment agreement, the application of all payments under such an agreement and the client`s rights in the event that there is no acceptable payment agreement. The Public Service Commission has approved various rules for housing tenants who enter into a deferred payment contract. There are circumstances in which a tenant is not eligible for a deferred payment contract. Click here or contact our office for more information. If a customer is unable to pay an unpaid bill in full, the service is not interrupted if the customer pays a reasonable amount of the outstanding amount and agrees to pay a reasonable portion of the remaining balance in increments until the bill is paid (no more than six months). Please contact our office if you need more detailed information on deferred payment.