Vertical Agreements Competition Law Singapore

27.2.18 Agreements are excluded from the prohibition and conduct of Section 34 of the Section 47 prohibition, as long as they lead to a merger. Similarly, agreements and practices directly related to the implementation of mergers (these agreements and practices are called “incidental restrictions”) are also excluded from Section 34 of the prohibition and Section 47 prohibition. [10] Section 34 of the Competition Act prohibits enterprise-to-business agreements, corporate association decisions or concerted practices that result in or result in the prevention, limitation or falsification of competition within Singapore, unless they are excluded or excluded. A vertical chord is considered benign or beneficial if it can bring benefits by promoting efficiency gains. However, a dominant company must continue to demonstrate that its conduct is proportionate to the benefits it has obtained. 27.1.6 The Competition Act was implemented in phases. In the first phase, which began on January 1, 2005, only the provisions establishing the CCCS came into force. The provisions relating to anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominance and the enforcement powers of the CCCS began on 1 January 2006. Finally, the merger provisions came into effect on July 1, 2007. 27.2.14 The fact that the market shares of the parties to an agreement exceed the thresholds set out in Section 27.2.13 does not mean that the effects of this agreement on competition are being felt. The other factors mentioned in 27212 are also taken into account. However, an agreement on price-fixing, supply manipulation, market distribution or production restrictions is still considered a significant disadvantage to competition, despite the fact that the market shares held by the parties may be below the thresholds set at 27.2.13 or even where the parties to these agreements are all SMEs (Re Price Fixing of Rates of Modelling Services in Singapore by Modelling Agccies [2011] SGC 11; (Re Collusive Tendering (Bid-Rigging) in electrical and construction work [2010] SGCCS 4; CSC infringement decision with respect to tenders for the provision of electrical services for the award of intermediate supplies for Formula 1 and the provision of asset tagging services to GEMS Tender: CCS 700/003/15).

1.2 What are the investigative powers of the competition authorities? 27.2.15 In the third appendix, sections 34 and 47 are excluded: (a) activities related to services of general economic interest or income monopoly; (b) the activities necessary to comply with legal requirements or to avoid conflicts with international obligations; (c) activities arising from exceptional and compelling public policy reasons, such as national security, defence and other strategic interests; (d) activities that already have sectoral competition frameworks; and (e) certain activities, some of which are carried out by persons who are licensed and regulated by different laws.